Privacy at Bidfluence

We take privacy very seriously, our use of personal data is reduced to the very minimum, we collect as little as possible to make our service work.
Below you'll find two privacy policies, the one for when you visit or use this site, and the Privacy policy regarding our advertising service platform.

Privacy Policy for our Website
Privacy Policy Cookie Policy
Privacy for our advertising service platform

Bidfluence offers a service that helps monetizing advertising spaces, to clients owning one or more websites.
We connect anonymous internet users browsing such sites, to buyers willing to show advertisements, acting as technology provider.

In this context, when you visit websites that integrate our technology, we collect as few information as possible just for the purpose of the single transaction:

What we collect
  • IP address and approximate geolocation data
  • Browser information (Browser name and version)
  • Operative System information (OS name and version)

All data is anonymized and encrypted, and there is no way to identitfy you or any particular individual.

Why we collect
  • For Fraud prevention
  • As a minimum requirement for operating with our technology partners
How we collect

The information we collect are automatically sent by the browser in the headers when you connect to a website using our technology. We do not assign a unique Identifier using these information.
We do not use third party data providers.

How we use

The information we collect are used one time in the context of serving an advertisement to you browsing our clients websites. We do not store any information on our database or cookies.


We do not use cookies to store data.
We only use a necessary Session Affinity cookie served by our service provider Microsoft Azure for technical reasons.
This cookie is session only and deleted when you close the browser.

Data Sharing

Bidfluence is not an Ad-Exchange and do not manage any Advertising campaign, we only provide the tecnhological means and APIs to connect an anonymous internet user to buyers.
Data sharing is limited to a real time transactions with our buying partners using OpenRTB (Real Time Bidding) procotol, or Header Bidding technology.
We have no control on our technology partners practives, but all our advertising technology partners are required by contract to comply with all privacy laws. For information on how to opt-out from third party platforms, please refer to the "Opting out from third party platform" section.

Data retention and Storage

Since we only provides APIs and software connection to buyers, the information we collect are limited to real time transations, and not stored in cookies or databases.
We aggregate and anonymize location data for analytics and report purposes only. It is not possible to identify you or any particular individual.

The third party platforms we connecto to, may collect additional data and use different practices than us like using cookies or other tracking technology on which we have no control. You can Opt-Out from all third party platforms in the "Opting out from third party platforms" section below.

Accessing your personal data in our possession

We do not store any personal information and data about internet users visiting sites that use our tecnhology service.
Our use of your information is limited to a real-time transaction and never saved in any of our systems. If you are a Publisher registered to our platform, you can login into your account and look up all the information we have on you, or you can contact us at

Industry self-regulation

Bidfluence strictly follows and enforce the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Consent Framework for managing GDPR consent for data collection and processing in the European Union.
The Consent Framework technology shows on a website a cookie consent banner asking for permission to collect and process personal data.
When consent is provided, a string is passed along the Advertising pipeline to all parties involved in showindg an advertisement, to define the extent of the consent. In absence of this consent string we do not process any personal data, and all parties involved are required to do so.

For California CCPA, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) created the CCPA Compliance Framework, that works using the same principles as the above GDPR Consent Framework, using a consent string to express the user consent.
Our technology fully comply and enforce both frameworks.

Opting out from third party platforms

You can opt-out from third party platforms clicking on the below addresses:

Policy changes and updates

This policy will be updated regularly. For any questions please contact us at

Latest Update: May 27, 2023